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End-user license agreement (EULA) for all of Robert Hillier’s typefaces:

  • Sylexiad Sans Thin.
  • Sylexiad Sans Medium.
  • Sylexiad Sans Spaced Thin.
  • Sylexiad Sans Spaced Medium.
  • Sylexiad Serif Thin.
  • Sylexiad Serif Medium.
  • Sylexiad Serif Spaced Thin.
  • Sylexiad Serif Spaced Medium.
  • Dine.
  • Circs.


  • The typefaces can be used on any number of computers, devices, apps or websites, for free.
  • You can use the typefaces for personal, commercial or educational use.
  • You are allowed to embed the typefaces in PDFs, commercial electronic devices, video games, games consoles and information kiosks.
  • You are not allowed to edit the original typeface files.
  • You are allowed to convert the typefaces to a desktop typeface or webfont file, should a new or better typeface file format become available. You are not allowed to then directly redistribute the typefaces in the public domain. However, use of the typefaces in your website is acceptable, but ensure the new typeface files are not publicly downloadable.
  • You can install the typefaces on a central server and access them from there on individual workstations.
  • If you cannot make a PDF, you can provide the typefaces to a service bureau or printer to help with final output.


  • You are not allowed to resell or generate income from any of the typefaces. If you wish to do this, you need to ask and get permission from Robert Hillier.
  • You are not allowed to upload any of the typefaces to other free or commercial typeface websites. In the case of a commercial typeface website, you need to ask and get permission from Robert Hillier.
  • You are not allowed to sublicence or rent the typefaces.


  • Because the typefaces are provided without charge, please credit Robert Hillier as the designer and then acknowledge the name of the typefaces in the credit.


  • You are allowed to back-up the typeface files to your hard drive, device or cloud account.

Responsibility and liability

  • Robert Hillier accepts no responsibility or damages for how these typefaces are used or any resulting software issues.

Copyright and law

  • All typefaces are the exclusive property of Robert Hillier.
  • All typefaces are © copyright of Robert Hillier.
  • All of Robert Hillier’s typefaces are protected under domestic and international trademark, copyright and industrial design law.


Thank you.

EULA version: February 2022.